Pregnancy, newborn and child Atelier "Farzande Pak"

Specialized pregnancy, newborn and child workshop in East Tehran

Farzande Pak Collection is a specialized photography studio in the fields of pregnancy photography, newborn photography and children’s photography.

This studio has experienced and trained staff in the field of specialized pregnancy, newborn and child photography.

Photographers know very well how to deal with your baby and child and finally how to take a professional photo.

FarzandePak Atelier has fully sterilized equipment.

One of the significant advantages of the atelier is that we are always looking for new positions and global models.

Why the pregnancy studio FarzandePak?

FarzandePak Pregnancy Atelier has a variety of clothes to create a beautiful photo.

No; You will not pay any amount as an entrance fee for photography in pregnancy studio, baby studio and child studio.
You just have to make an appointment. You have to pay a deposit to book an appointment.
No, we do not have a limit on the selection of photos.
Yes, Farzand Pak Atelier has a diverse archive of maternity, baby and children clothes. Also, the use of these clothes is completely free for dear customers.
The duration of pregnancy photography is one and a half hours – the duration of newborn photography is three hours – the duration of child photography is one and a half hours

Complete archive of clothes for customers for free
More than 200 completely different decors
Updated equipment and cameras
Fully specialized staff in pregnancy and newborn
Free entry and no restrictions on choosing photos

After calling and receiving advice from our consultants department, you can determine the time and date of your photography at the same moment and allocate that time to yourself by paying the deposit.
Farzand Pak atelier is closed on official holidays. No photography is done during holidays. except in special circumstances.
Yes, Farzand Pak atelier has a female expert photographer and a female assistant photographer.
Do not worry about this. FarzandePak collection will easily communicate with your beloved child, this is our specialty
Yes, all your design work, both in Photoshop and Lightroom, is done by the most specialized and professional female designers.
After you finish your photography, you can choose your photo in the FarzandePak office.
Yes, only the photos you have selected will be sent to you via Telegram only after printing
The period of preparation, printing and delivery of photos is 31 days after selecting the photo. After the photos are ready, you will be notified through the mobile number you have registered in the studio.

Unique and diverse decoration

The only specialized center for newborn and pregnancy photography in East Tehran

A clean and hygienic space for children

It has a heating system suitable for photographing babies

Without receiving input and limiting the selection of photos

Using the free archive of clothes from pregnancy to childhood

Baby photography at home

Pregnancy photography at home

A unique variety of maternity clothes in different sizes
A unique variety of clothes and accessories for babies and children
An archive of mother and daughter sets
Reserve an appointment at least ten days in advance by phone or in person
آتلیه عکاسی بارداری، نوزاد و کودک